Colors For a New Way of Life

Earthy and natural, warm and homely - a powerful blue gives the freshness kick. The trend colors 2017 for interiors underline the character of ones own home as a retreat and oasis in troubled times.

Stairway in white with beige-brown and blue wall paint

Only the Best For Your Facade

Enduringly clean, enduringly brilliant colors, enduringly beautiful. The wide range of high-quality facade paints provides the right product solution for every requirement. Look forward to first-class facade colors of professional quality. 

Modern, lighted house at dusk

Decorative Wall Designs

New techniques, new colors, new designs. Experience new dimensions of fascinating design possibilities in living rooms and indoor spaces. Turn your home into a feel-good oasis with creative products and processing techniques.

 Sitting area with coffee table, leather stools and Caramell wall paint


Lets colors regrow. CapaGeo products offer premium quality without compromising on performance and workmanship. They are particularly environmentally friendly and resource-saving, as petroleum-based raw materials are replaced by renewable raw materials during production. Join us on the path to reconcile colors and nature. With our Caparol tinting system, we mix every single of your desired color tone immediately to take away!

 paint bucket CapaTrendGeo