01 Facade Painting

Aggravated color, small cracks and loose plaster - all externals? Not at the facade.

A facade does hard labor year after year. It must reliably protect the masonry from moisture, withstand heat and frost, and keep heat where it belongs - in the house. We ensure that your building envelope can perform its tasks perfectly and in addition make a perfect business card.

Here at Sommersperger, renovation and color design (in advance on the computer) go hand in hand. With system solutions that are coordinated with each other. In a way you can rely permanently on value preservation and increase of your house.

Place increased emphasis on your facade.

Exterior of an apartment building with yellow paint

02 Living Room Design

Color has a big impact on our well-being.

Everybody prefers different shades. In the course of a lifetime you change your color preferences several times. For example, those who used to prefer strong, pure colors often prefer pastel shades later on as they appreciate their calming effect. Whether painting, unusual colored wall coverings, paintwork or floors. Color in the living space must therefore always be designed very close to the preferences of its inhabitants. Just as we do it for you.

We are happy to come to your home and bring along our color collections, examples of decorative surfaces, stucco moldings, carpeting and the latest wallpaper patterns of well-known manufacturers. In doing so, we rely on products that particularly inspire our customers and us.

Look forward to the best quality in a wide selection.

Modern, simply furnished bedroom
Atmospherically lit staircase with wall decoration
 Stylishly furnished hallway with white and turquoise wall paint

03 Thermal Insulation

Anyone who insulates properly saves energy and has to heat less.

The installation of a thermal insulation composite system has proved to be the most efficient measure besides replacing the heating system and the windows, as well as improving the insulation of attics and cellar ceilings. We offer state-of-the-art facade insulation systems.

Further information is available at daemmung.caparol.de.

 insulating material